Our inaugural residency on Block Island was held in September 2015. Our primary goal was the creation of ITW’s first work: Bacchic. In 2016, we returned to Block Island to continue the development of Bacchic and to begin the creation of our future pieces. 

While on the Island, we spend a large part of our time training, in order to share our own creative forms with each other.  Some types of training that we explore include, Suzuki Method Of Actor Training, Physical Improvisation, Kalaripayattu, Yoga, Juggling, and Playwrighting. These trainings are not coming from a place of mastery, but from a desire to share our personal journeys’ as educated practitioners of these forms. We learned generously with an acceptance of our ensemble members as teachers in the form that they chose to share.

Guests Artists are another important part of the residency. We invite several guest artists to Block Island to work on scripts for new plays or other projects, which helps to create a community steeped in artistry at all stages of creation. Guests Artists are invited to join in on trainings as well as to share their work with the ensemble. 

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2015 Kickstarter, Yahna Harris