Moving Mouths

Moving Mouths is a collage of communication from a cross-cultural perspective. How do language, personal history, and culture result in a uniquely communicative being? Moving Mouths is about encountering our selves and relating to others. What we say and how we say it is brought to life through a series of words and images that join to tell a story of shared personal experiences.

 The material attempts to create an objective autobiography through writing and recording interviews. The company looks at these stories alongside one another and patterns emerge across different kinds of people. By exploring what is shared cross-culturally we gain insight into the process of shaping a personality. What are human truths about speaking or moving and what is deeply personal or unique?

 ITW is currently in the process of expanding the piece into a full company collaboration that can be performed in its entirety or in component parts. The process of making this play is creating fragments that can come together in different forms. They can be performed all together or as a solo. The order of events is changeable. Each actor creates their own track and that can come together in a variety of ways. This is an adaptable touring model and allows for interesting changes in the show’s structure from performance to performance. It allows the play to be conversations between the actors who are present at any given performance.

Moving Mouths was first created by Jonathan Taylor and Annika Vestel at Tokalynga Teaterakademi in Gunarp, Sweden in 2015. Early performances took place at Kulurta Lyktor in Gellesborgs and Frelagrt in Goteborg, Sweden.

Created and Performed by Persia Blue, Kristian Sorensen, Jonathan Taylor, Annika Vestel

Moving Mouths has been made possible by donations from Goteborg Arts Council and private donations.