November 9 - 19, 2017

New York City

About The Project:

Panic Everything’s Fine examines global catastrophe in the aftermath of a single event that triggers the apocalypse. The world crumbles not as the result of a single tragedy, but through the confluence of hundreds of interconnected events that ripple across the planet. War, plague, death and famine amass and spread from New York City out into the rest of the world in what becomes a rapidly worsening obstacle course of disasters.

Inspired by Umberto Eco’s La Nueva Edad Media, the play follows the actual destruction of the human race as caused by a singular person’s decision in New York City. A man jumps from The Empire State Building, causing a domino-like series of events in NYC, which culminate with Manhattan’s collapse into the ocean. This catastrophic event becomes the trigger for further disasters, which spread and ripple outward toward the exact opposite point on the planet (a small Australian town called Yallingup).

Throughout the play, the ensemble embodies a cacophony of characters struggling to cope with this new reality: frantic news reporters struggling to relay information, civilians saying goodbye, ecstatic humans dancing to distract themselves from the destruction, and a few brave souls facing the oncoming elements head-on. The play uses a collage of styles and scenes that disrupt and cut into one another to enhance the dizzying and disorienting feeling that comes with catastrophe.

Panic Everything’s Fine was developed with support from SITI Company/Anne Bogart and through a residency at Wilson College. The piece was created through collaborations between members of ITW and the SITI Conservatory, under the mentorship of SITI Company and its directors. The play premiered as a part of the opening season of The Tank NYC’s new 36th Street Theatre in October 2017.

About The Process:

We are creating the piece by deconstructing the Christian apocalypse myth in four studies. Each act explores the theme of one of the horsemen of the apocalypse: War, Death, Plague, and Famine. These studies look at what it means for us to live in a world alongside atrocities like War or Famine even if we do not come into direct contact with them.

The Judeo-Christian Myth tells that the simultaneous presence of the Four Horsemen signals the end of the world. In a small society, such as that of the early Christians, the manifestation of these four disasters would have been an end to their world. In our contemporary (and much larger) global society, these “horsemen” are always present. There is always a war or a plague; people are killing each other daily, and earlier this year an official famine was declared in the South Sudan as a result of civil war. According to the myth of the Four Horsemen, the end is here.

Support & Development:

The Tank NYC: The play premiered as a part of the opening season of The Tank NYC’s new 36th Street Theatre in October 2017.

SITI Company/Anne Bogart: SITI Lab 2017 is supporting Panic Everything’s Fine in its development. We are creating the piece with members of ITW and the SITI Conservatory under the mentorship of SITI Company and its directors.

Wilson College: Panic Everything’s Fine will receive a one-week funded rehearsal and performance residency at in Chambersburg, PA. ITW will share their training and creation practices with Wilson students.