In the winter of 2016, we asked for submissions for plays and were thrilled to receive almost 80 plays from all over the world. After careful consideration, we selected 3 full-length and 2 short plays to present in a week-long reading series that took place all over New York. In many cases, the playwrights were being showcased in New York City for the first time. After each reading, we engaged the audience in a post-show discussion that yielded important feedback with which each playwright could reencounter their work. Below is a list of the plays we were happy to present. For more information about out process, check out a blog from Connectivity Director, Hayley Sherwood.   

Driftwood by Sam Schanwald Following an abrupt break-up, an apocalyptic flood forces two new singles and their mutual friend into a basement together. While taking refuge in the basement, the trio relies on a radio and each other to maintain sanity as the water level rises.  Directed by Jonathan Taylor

Elephants by Jordan Elizabeth Henry Sue has lived with her Aunt Jeanie since her mother disappeared when she was a little girl. With the aid of her vivid imagination, Sue holds a special communion with her absent mother. But where did her mother go, and when will she come back? 
Directed by Jonathan Taylor

Tycho's Fool by Ross Peter Nelson Tycho Brahe is dead. From light-years away, it seems it could be anyone, from Rosencrantz or Guildenstern, to the King of Denmark himself. Maybe the electrons from a 40-year old television show hurtling toward the stars can help solve the mystery of just who killed the greatest astronomer of the 16th century.
Directed by Sharone Halevy

Stupid, Fat, Ugly by David Osmundsen When Mandy's estranged brother unexpectedly dies, she travels to New York to uncover the mysterious circumstances of his death. A powerful and poignant exploration of grief, guilt, and redemption.
Directed by Megan Milko

The Fuhrer's Mistress by Jim Colgan When Eva Braun met Adolf Hitler, she was seventeen, a girl fresh out of school, interested only in movies, music, and fashion; he was in his forties, a rising political star, the face and the voice of the Nazi Party. They became lovers immediately and stayed lovers until their mutual suicide in 1945. The Fuhrer's Mistress takes a look inside the life of the mysterious mistress of one of history's most brutal mass murderers.
Directed by Clay Hopper

The Nothing Train is a play written by Gillian Durkee and presented as a part of the Atlantic Theatre's After Dark Series. To find out more about The Nothing Train, please follow this link to read Gillian's blog about it's origins. 

Featuring: Samuel Encarnacion, Nicole Fergeson, Aubrey Flood, Kristian Sorensen; Directed by Jonathan Taylor. 

Projects is a memory play by Charles Coursey Jr. about a man ruined by his relationship with a young boy. The play examines his guilt and attempts at moving forward. Projects challenges the audience’s aptitude for empathy and ability to understand. We are not asked to forgive him or feel sorry for him, only to gain a glimmer of understanding.

Featuring: John Amir, Hannah McKechnie, Kristian Sorensen, and Mark Quinlan; Directed by Jonathan Taylor

This reading was presented by In the Water Theatre Co. in collaboration with RADD Productions as a part of RADD Fest 2016.